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Radar Lock

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H0148502 Radar Lock R/H lockset Polished Aluminium 172.00

H0148503 Radar Lock L/H lockset Polished Aluminium 172.00

H0148505 Radar Lock R/H lockset Polished Gold 205.00

H0148506 Radar Lock L/H lockset Polished Gold 205.00

H0149002 Radar Key Bow Pat 9.00 +VAT

Radar Lock

Ref: RadarLock

R.A.D.A.R. (The Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation) promotes a U.K. national
scheme, whereby locks specially manufactured and are fitted to toilets and can only be operated using a RADAR key.
These keys are available to disabled or registered blind people to enable them to access the facilities. This aims to give protection
against vandalism or misuse, so that a clean functional toilet is available.

Only two hands are required, as the latchbolt can be easily reversed for
inward or outward opening doors. To determine which hand is required, hand the
lockset as follows:Standing inside the toilet If the hinges are on the Right you will need a R/H lockset
If the hinges are on the Left you will need a L/H lockset 


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DisabledToilets >  Ironmongery  >  Radar Lock

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