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The Development
The revolutionary ActiSafe finish is a combination of a high performance coating material combined with a world-renowned anti-microbial additive.

Rilsan®Polyamide11 is an established, durable, quality finish with proven resistance to corrosion and impact, widely used and specified in the potable water and health industry.

Sanitized®Silver – one the safest and most innovative anti-microbial additives currently available – has been added to produce Rilsan®ACTIVE, creating a unique nylon coating which supports normal cleaning regimes and helps protect against bacterial growth.

The Sanitized®Silver inorganic additives are securely anchored in the surface coating and, when in contact with moisture during cleaning operations, silver ions are released from the product surface to limit bacterial growth.

The Sanitized®Silver ions do not migrate and remain active during the surface coating’s lifetime.

Proven Performance
Rilsan®ACTIVE has been tested using the latest acknowledged test regime – the Japanese Standard JIS Z 2801:2000

This procedure quantifies the behaviour of plastic surfaces in respect of bacterial population and growth. This method, known in Europe under the standard ‘Film Contact Method’ is well accepted today.